AV Couture | collection autumn/winter 2015-2016
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Anna Vedeneeva Couture

AV Couture is a reflection of the imaginary world of Anna Vedeneeva. When it comes to personality and fashion, Anna is one of a kind. Born in Russia with the soul of a Parisian, she has had a passion for style since she was a child. Her femininity and soft presence inspires women she meets to be like her and dress like her. The unique style that Anna has, light, poetic and clean, and her incredible work ethic resulted in a brand that takes its roots from the world of couture. Anna’s desire is to create clothing that will bring a delicate balance of elegance, femininity and sensuality to any woman that wears her designs.

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you've got that, the rest really comes from it.” ― Diana Vreeland. At AV Couture we believe true elegance is something that you inherit, coming from family and developing through surrounding influences over the years. Anna had her own style since birth and still looks to her mother, aunt and grandmother for inspiration. Decadence should be discreet, volume should be whispered and opulence calculated.


The gentle grace and femininity of the Victorian era and classic Cinema Divas are at the heart of AV Couture. For each collection Anna chooses a Muse - there are so many inspiring women! Our culture, politics and business no longer belong to just men, but femininity is the domain of women, a gift and a weapon to be cherished and cultivated. However, the femininity of AV Couture is not just about surface, it is about the eccentricity, intelligence and delicacy of the modern woman.


Sensuality is what makes us look back at a passerby in the street. To the outward - a calm cool surface, veiling a mind that seduces and entices. True seductiveness is in what cannot be seen or shown, leading to a coupling of fantasy and intellect in a vision that leads time elsewhere in an illusion of an eternal moment. At AV Couture sensuality is never at extremes, it is transcended through a spirit of dissipated modesty and control.



About Anna

Having finished her studies in Fashion Design at the Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design in Florence, Italy, Anna immediately delved into bringing her dream to life. Her graduating collection of 2014 became the first chapter of Anna Vedeneeva Couture. “As long as I can remember, I always dreamt of becoming a couturier… no one else, just a couturier”, she says, noting that her love for high fashion pushed her to create a brand of exacting quality and standards. Although she sometimes struggled to narrow down and give a certain definition of her career, fashion has always been in her head and heart.


Couture is a way of life – a language that speaks of graceful elegance and enthralling glamour composed of immaculate taste, presentation and manners. AV Couture uses traditional Italian sartorial techniques in order to make unique clothing of the highest quality. We agree with Li Edelkoort that “Fashion is dead. Long live clothing”, and believe that couture is the future. We strive to create clothing that will survive the test of time in all aspects, in style and condition, and that could become a part of the heritage of our clients. All fabrics and materials are chosen carefully, only among the best European manufacturers, and each piece is handcrafted meticulously to order. If you wish to change the fit, make alterations, or even create a particular style with us, we are open to suggestions.


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