A Little Each Day. In Style and Comfort.

Taking action to grow into the best version of what a company should represent, while at the same time doing so in an aesthetically pleasing, classy, inclusive, and respectful manner is a core value here. This has the power to transform and empower us. As a leader in society and change for better, it is only natural we want to be in the same vicinity as the role models and inspirations of our time. To achieve that, the Valentin brand is based on the very values that make those figures excellent.


Compelling Courage  

We are never afraid of taking risks. We trust our innate ability to make unexpected decisions that push this company forward. 

Our Influence


Share excitement in your abilities. Innovate exercise. Bring style into your daily Runs or Training. In the light of our A LITTLE EACH DAY mission, we bring a high level of brand heat to lifestyle and elevate Valentin to the next level.