Alexander Valentin has a vision to bring the dynamics of fashion to a new level. This new level includes wearing ancient sacred stones that amplify our vibrational frequencies as well as our awareness to detail that promotes spiritual, emotional, physical, and holistic well-being. Originating in St. Petersburg, Florida, the essence of V/C can be traced back to a city where diversity is rich and looks from every end of the spectrum can be observed. Each piece from our collections are designed to be worn alone, layered, or complimented with its respective collection.  


One major value that we appreciate lies in not just what we wear, but how we wear it. How we display our creativity and style should aid in peaking our self-confidence while using that new bound confidence to help others, serve our community, and aid in our environment’s glow up. The creativity of our current generation should be embodying this type of mindset and not accepting anything less. We are currently seeking a philanthropy to give back a percentage of our proceeds into the St. Petersburg community as well as environmentally friendly approaches to how we manufacture our products.


Our products have a diverse selection of representative stones that work in tandem with your vibrational energy patterns. Combining this strength with the power of the stone’s vibrational energy assists in acceleration of your own aspirations in life. This is a detail that has been emphasized by the most ancient and powerful civilizations in history. These sacred, spiritual, and powerful amulets help serve as an influential extension of ourselves to the next level.