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Standing Desk: 6-Pack Savior, And More

Updated: May 6, 2020

Let's face it, trends can be annoying. But this trend may be the solution to your stiff back and joints, crackling hips, and the list of scary "google it" answers goes on.

Why? Because the standing desk DRASTICALLY improves your body position to subtly enable more muscular engagement while you spend your 7 hours of diligent focus in your workspace office.

Published research in the journal Occupational Medicine in March 2017 suggest using a standing desk may help with weight management.

How? Let me put it simply.

Standing Desk --> More Muscular Engagement --> Increased Energy Used

-->Better Weight Management --> *Better 6-Pack (Based off my own experience)

*Diet & Exercise are obviously important as well for a better 6-Pack.*

I encourage you all to do some research the benefits of standing desks.

I made my own standing desk workspace starter pack after doing lots of research, comparing price points, warranties, aesthetics, and quality.

The amazon links at the bottom are what I decided to personally invest in for my own workspace and I could not be more happy or satisfied. Give them a look and comment what you think or what options you decided to go with.

Thank you SO much for your time and commitment to learn something new (Or further affirm what you already know).

I Love You All.

Enjoy the rest of your morning, afternoon, or evening!

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